Please be advised that when you SEND this document you will be bound by BDF rules and regulations and you hereby certify that the information contained in this application form is true and correct to the best of your knowledge and agree to have any of the statements checked by KHUH unless you have indicated to the contrary. You authorize the references listed to provide the Hospital any and all information concerning your previous employment and any pertinent information that they may have.
* Walk in resumes will no longer be accepted and the KHUH staff are not permitted to disclose information about your submitted application.

Only if you AGREE, then proceed to apply job.


يرجى العلم بأنه عند ارسال هذا المستند سوف تكون ملزما بقوانين ولوائح قوة دفاع البحرين وانك بذلك تؤكد أن المعلومات الواردة في نموذج الطلب صحيحة وفقا لمعلوماتك واقرارك بأن جميع البيانات التي تم تدقيقها من قبل مستشفى الملك حمد الجامعي صحيحة مالم تكن قد ذكرت العكس, وبذلك فانك تفوض المراجع المذكورة لتزويد المستشفى بأي معلومات متعلقة بعملك السابق أو أي معلومات ذات صلة تتوفر لديهم
* لن يتم قبول السير الشخصية المقدمة باليد ولا يسمح لموظفي مستشفى الملك حمد الجامعي بالافصاح عن معلومات حول طلبك المقدم.

فقط إذا كنت موافق ، يمكنك المتابعة في طلب التقديم للوظيفة.


NameQualificationExperienceJob descriptionActions
Senior House OfficerMandatory Requirment : MBBS - BMLE - Internship compleation certificate1 year completed internship

( Residency program - Bahraini Only )
Conduct Comprehensive physical assessment of patients
Take Patient history and conduct physical examinations on newly admitted patients.
Review patients records to determine health status.
prescibes and regulates medications.

Nationality : Bahraini
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EmbryologistMin : Bachelors [ Prefered Masters ]5+ Years

Familiar with PGD
Embryo Biopsy , Vitrification
Able to maintain stock of materials & record all cases performed
Embryo Transfer , Sperm Freezing & Thawing
Team Player and when required can work independantly
Nationality : Any
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General nurse ( ICU)B.S in nursing Science2++

Nationality : Any
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Doctors General application-4 years and more

( open for Registrar - Senior Registrar - Consultant )
Please make sure your CV specify the position you are applying for.
This is just a data base and does not guarantee employment.
There is no need to follow up for your application in case you are required you will be contacted.
Open to all nationalities.

Nationality : Any
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General AlliedHealth PositionsOpen to all qualificationsRelated experiences in their field [ Min : 2 yrs ]

( Note: Purpose to collect Resumes. This however doesnot guarantee employment )
Make sure you complete the necessary details in the form
Make sure you CV is updated and has experiences clearly mentioned
There are no followups required since this is not a Vacancy
Open to all Allied Health personnel to submit their CV [ Overseas or Local]
Open to all Nationalities
Nationality : Any
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Service SHOcompletion of Internship1 year Internship

( Residency program for Non-Bahrainis )
please note this vacancy is for non-bahrainis / Resident in Bahrain.
No overseas application.

Nationality : Any
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Dermatology RegistrarDermatology Board4 years+

( looking for only Local hire )

Nationality : Any
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General Admin Positionsopen to all qualificationrelated to the post applying minimum 2 years

( Note : Only to collect resume. Does not gaurantee employment )
Please make sure you upload updated CVs
Open to all nationalities
Make sure you complete the necessary details in the form.
There are no follow ups required since this is not a vacancy
Open only to Admin Applicant ( IT/Quality /Finance/ HR/Marketing/ etc....)
Nationality : Any
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Facilities & EngineeringMinimum 5 years into the speciality of electrical & mechanical engineering work5

( Oncology Unit )

Nationality : Any
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general nurseB.S IN Nursing Science2 years++

Nationality : Any
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