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* Walk in resumes will no longer be accepted and the KHUH staff are not permitted to disclose information about your submitted application.

Only if you AGREE, then proceed to apply job.


يرجى العلم بأنه عند ارسال هذا المستند سوف تكون ملزما بقوانين ولوائح قوة دفاع البحرين وانك بذلك تؤكد أن المعلومات الواردة في نموذج الطلب صحيحة وفقا لمعلوماتك واقرارك بأن جميع البيانات التي تم تدقيقها من قبل مستشفى الملك حمد الجامعي صحيحة مالم تكن قد ذكرت العكس, وبذلك فانك تفوض المراجع المذكورة لتزويد المستشفى بأي معلومات متعلقة بعملك السابق أو أي معلومات ذات صلة تتوفر لديهم
* لن يتم قبول السير الشخصية المقدمة باليد ولا يسمح لموظفي مستشفى الملك حمد الجامعي بالافصاح عن معلومات حول طلبك المقدم.

فقط إذا كنت موافق ، يمكنك المتابعة في طلب التقديم للوظيفة.


NameQualificationExperienceJob descriptionActions
Occupational TherapistEssential : Bachelors [ Masters or Doctorate Prefered ]2 years post graduate experience as occupational therapist / Desirable Min 3 yrs experience as Occupational Therapist

( Looking for Male & Female staff interested in Occupational Therapy )
Evaluate patients condition and needs
Help patients with permanent disabilities such as cerebral palsy, on how to use appropriate adaptive equipment
Oversee the work of occupational therapy aides
Record patients activities and progress and report to physicians
Ability to respond to patient and family needs
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Physiotherapist [Sport TherapyEssential : BSc Degree in physiotherapy [ Masters prefered ]5 yrs full time with experience in Sports therapy

helping to prepare athletes both mentally and physically
examining and assessing injuries
advising about nutrition, diet and lifestyle issues
collaborating with trainers and coaches on injury prevention programmes.
To work both individually and as part of the team providing best practice
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Pediatric PhysiotherapistDegree / Diploma in Physiotherapy5 yrs Experience of working with children and young people

( Looking for Female candidates only )
Plan, deliver and modify treatment/management programmes
Creation, updating and maintenance of patient records
Understand and apply safe assembly and use of physiotherapy equipments for application or provision to patient
Manage an identifiable caseload of patients effectively and efficiently
Organisational skills and communicational skills
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Ultrasound TechnologistBachelor's Degree in sonography / Completion oa Accredited Diagnostic Ultrasound ProgramMin: Three(3) years as sonogapher with experience in vascular preferred

( Female candidates only )
Instruct patients regarding procedures to ensure cooperation and optimum test results.
Follow prescribed safety standards in operating equipment.
Maintain ultrasound and vascular lab equipment in appropriate operating condition
Team player and able to work independently if required
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Senior House OfficerMandatory Requirment : MBBS - BMLE - Internship compleation certificate1 year completed internship

( Residency program - Bahraini Only )
Conduct Comprehensive physical assessment of patients
Take Patient history and conduct physical examinations on newly admitted patients.
Review patients records to determine health status.
prescibes and regulates medications.
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General AlliedHealth PositionsOpen to all qualificationsRelated experiences in their field [ Min : 2 yrs ]

( Note: Purpose to collect Resumes. This however doesnot guarantee employment )
Make sure you complete the necessary details in the form
Make sure you CV is updated and has experiences clearly mentioned
There are no followups required since this is not a Vacancy
Open to all Allied Health personnel to submit their CV [ Overseas or Local]
Open to all Nationalities
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General Admin Positionsopen to all qualificationrelated to the post applying minimum 2 years

( Note : Only to collect resume. Does not gaurantee employment )
Please make sure you upload updated CVs
Open to all nationalities
Make sure you complete the necessary details in the form.
There are no follow ups required since this is not a vacancy
Open only to Admin Applicant ( IT/Quality /Finance/ HR/Marketing/ etc....)
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